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User Fees

User Fees: The Hidden, 'Other' Tax

Reports and Publications
January 2011
C.J. Eisenbarth Hager

Faced with falling revenues, many states are looking to user fees to provide additional revenue. This primer reviews the role of user fees, lessons learned from various government entities, and looks at current fees charged by some Arizona state agencies.

Structural Deficits in Arizona

Structurally Unbalanced: Cyclical and Structural Deficits in Arizona

Reports and Publications
January 2011
Matthew Murray, Kristin Borns, Sue Clark-Johnson, Mark Muro, Jennifer Vey

Global Arizona 100

Global Arizona 100: A New Century, A World Stage

Reports and Publications
November 2010
Bill Hart, C.J. Eisenbarth Hager, Joe Garcia

This assessment of Arizona's global measurement in terms of our competitiveness, our citizens and our culture was prepared for the Global Arizona 100 Conference held Dec. 1, 2010 in Phoenix. Science Foundation Arizona was sponsor. Go to for more information about the initiative.

Next Steps Scottsdale

Next Steps Scottsdale: Building an Action Plan for Economic Growth

Reports and Publications
October 2010
Kristin Borns

Healthy Aging

Unlocking Resilience: The Key to Healthy Aging in Arizona

Reports and Publications
August 2010
John Stuart Hall, Alex Zautra, Kristin Borns, Erica Edwards, Monica Stigler, Richard Toon, Nancy Welch, Eric Rasmussen

Campaign Finance

Campaign Finance: The Clean Elections Quandry

Reports and Publications
March 2010
David Berman

Historically, the prominence of affluent groups and individuals among the contributors to state political campaigns has given rise to fear of a government of “checkbook democracy,” in which successful lawmakers are obligated to those who contribute large sums of money.

Domestic Violence

Forum 411: Domestic Violence in Arizona: Old Problems, New Possibilities

Reports and Publications
March 2010
Morrison Institute Staff

Good Citizens

Forum 411: Do Good Neighbors Make Good Citizens?

Reports and Publications
December 2009
Morrison Institute Staff

Future of State Parks

The Price of Stewardship: The Future of Arizona State Parks

Reports and Publications
October 2009
Grady Gammage Jr, Nancy Welch, Dave White, Bill Hart, Monica Stigler, Yuri Artibise

Road to Recovery

Forum 411: Road to Recovery: Lessons from Arizona's First Economy

Reports and Publications
September 2009
Morrison Institute Staff