Morrison Institute is a leading resource for relevant research, analysis and policy choices of public value. Recent research reports are listed below. More Morrison Institute research reports are available in the Arizona State University archives.

Directions 2013

Arizona Directions 2013

Reports and Publications
November 2012
Andrea Whitsett, Sapna Gupta, Bill Hart

Economic Landscape

Arizona's Economic Development Landscape: Charting a Unified Course

Reports and Publications
November 2012
Ken Western

Latino Vote

Arizona's Emerging Latino Vote

Reports and Publications
August 2012
Bill Hart, Eric Hedberg


Dropped? Latino Education and Arizona's Economic Future

Reports and Publications
April 2012
Bill Hart, CJ Eisenbarth Hager

Population Change

Population Change in Arizona, Texas and the United States: Implications for Education and Economic Development

April 2012
Dr. Steve Murdock

Changing demographics presentation by Dr. Steve Murdock of Rice University at April 27, 2012 forum for new report, "Dropped? Latino Education and Arizona's Economic Future."


Presentation for "Dropped?" Report

April 2012
Bill Hart

"Dropped? Latino Education and Arizona's Economic Future" originally presented in Powerpoint April 27, 2012 in Phoenix by Morrison Institute for Public Policy Senior Policy Analyst Bill Hart.

Directions 2012

Arizona Directions 2012

Reports and Publications
November 2011
Andrea Whitsett

Watering the Sun Corridor

Watering the Sun Corridor: Managing Arizona's Megapolitan Area

Reports and Publications
August 2011
Grady Gammage Jr, Monica Stigler, Susan Clark-Johnson, William Hart