Morrison Institute is a leading resource for relevant research, analysis and policy choices of public value. Recent research reports are listed below.

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Land Trust

Understanding Arizona's Propositions: 2016

May 2016
Dan Hunting, Thom Reilly
Brief Analysis of Proposition 123

The decision about how to vote on Proposition 123 hinges on complex issues of education and state trust land finances. Morrison Institute has assembled a guide to some of the most important points to consider before you complete your ballot.

Prop 124

Prop 124 – Changes to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSRS)

Reports and Publications
April 2016
Thom Reilly

Understanding Arizona's Propositions: 2016
Prop 124 – Changes to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSRS)

Minority Student Progress

Arizona Minority Student Progress Report 2016

Reports and Publications
March 2016
Dr. Jeffrey F. Milem, Karina G. Salazar ,W. Patrick Bryan

Opportunity Youth LA

Economic Benefits: Hiring Opportunity Youths LA

Reports and Publications
February 2016
Linda Manning Ph.D., Dan Hunting

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice in Arizona

Reports and Publications
January 2016
Bill Hart

In partnership with the Children’s Action Alliance, Morrison Institute recently completed an 18-page research report on the negative effects of the incarceration of delinquent youths in Arizona, and the benefits of locally–based services in the youths’ home communities.

Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Reports and Publications
January 2016
Erica Skogebo McFadden, Ph.D., Kim W. Fisher, Ph.D., Sang Eun Lee, MPA, Melissa Kovacs, Ph.D., Maria Barajas

Citizen Initiative Review

Arizona's Pilot Citizen Initiative Review

Reports and Publications
December 2015
Erica S. McFadden Ph.D., David Daugherty Ph.D., John Gastil Ph.D., Katherine Knobloch Ph.D., Daniel Schugurensky Ph.D., Joseph Garcia, Avanti Haque

Independent Voter

Who is Arizona's Independent Voter?

Reports and Publications
November 2015
Erica S. McFadden, Ph.D., David Daugherty, Ph.D., Eric Hedberg, Ph.D., Joseph Garcia

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission and Morrison Institute for Public Policy look at the Independant Voter.

Opportunity Youth

Economic Benefits of Hiring Opportunity Youths

Reports and Publications
October 2015
Linda Manning, Ph.D., Dan Hunting, Sapna Gupta