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For 40 years, Morrison Institute for Public Policy has served as Arizona's premier public policy research organization.

Our dedicated team of professional researchers excels at examining trends, policies and practices. 

We've worked with government agencies and nonprofits of all sizes and missions, including direct service organizations and foundations. Our team has been to every corner of Arizona. Over the years, we've learned that investing in research up front saves time, money and headaches later.

We want to help our partners determine what's happening, what's working elsewhere, what people think, and what may be improved. We see our work as a nonpartisan public service.

We conduct interviews, gather and analyze datasets, put polls into the field, assemble focus groups, and bring people together. Plus, we have all of the resources of the nation's most innovative research university at our fingertips. 

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The Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute promotes research, analysis, collaboration and dialogue to build consensus on sound water stewardship for Arizona and the West.

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Morrison Institute is a leading resource for relevant research, analysis and policy choices of public value.

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The Arizona Governance and Policy Academy provides nonpartisan educational tools and organizes instructional events that provide elected officials and policy staff with information and skills to make decisions that impact Arizonans.