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Welcome to the Morrison Institute for Public Policy in the Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions at ASU. Currently, our group of researchers is engaged in several projects studying and advising the state of Arizona with regard to past and future policy. To see more information about the mission and staff, please see the About section.

While other institutions may single out for study a particular side of an argument, Morrison Institute has developed a uniquely non-partisan model recognizing that Arizona's past and future always favors independence. Our research must cut across all boundaries of age, ethnicity, gender, economic status, and locale. That's why research undertaken by Morrison Institute addresses all sides of an issue and all those impacted by the policy enacted.

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Latino Public Policy Center

The Latino Center was launched in 2012 to help clarify the impact of Latino-related issues, public policy and trends on Arizona’s collective future. The Latino Center provides nonpartisan and credible data, analysis, expertise and content to policy makers, educators, news media, business and community leaders for better-informed decisions regarding Arizona’s changing demographics.

Arizona Legislative Academy

The Arizona Legislative Academy was facilitated by the Arizona State University College of Public Service and Community Solutions and ASU Morrison Institute for Public Policy. It is the first university-based program in the country to address a perennial challenge: building capacity in the state legislature.

The Arizona Capitol Times named Morrison Institute for Public Policy as one of its 2016 Leaders of the Year in Public Policy, with the Arizona State University center being recognized for its contributions to education.

Morrison Institute, which celebrates its 35th year in 2017, has a longstanding reputation for bringing education issues to the forefront in terms of economic and workforce development and its intrinsic link to a prosperous future for the state and its residents.

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The New York Times on Nov. 10 reported on the too-close-to-call Arizona race for the U.S. Senate and other close races, with Democrats making inroads in the traditionaly...

The votes have been cast, the election is over and the people have spoken. But what does it all mean?

What do the outcomes say about our future as a state and a nation? Are changing demographics being reflected in a changing electorate...

ASU Now reports that polling places on all four Arizona State University campuses could help increase voting among Millennials:


Election Day is finally here. In that spirit, the Tucson Weekly offered its readers "13 reasons to vote" as a way to combat...

Arizona Capitol Times reported that candidates for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District board aren’t likely to be the subject of many headlines. They are, however, going to be responsible for ensuring 1.5 million acre-feet of...

Arizona Capitol Times reported that if Lake Mead’s levels dip too low, Arizona could lose about a seventh of its annual water allotment to the Central Arizona Project, which supplies much of the state’s water. Water experts said that...

The Arizona Daily Star reported that while Arizona had a record-breaking voter turnout at the primary election in August, the highest in the state’s history, it would be a mistake to assume that this will transfer to increased voter...

KJZZ in Phoenix reported that a new study in the Journal of American College Health found that Millennials were stressed out after the 2016 presidential election. From among nearly 800 ASU students, a quarter came away with "event-...