Morrison Institute is a leading resource for relevant research, analysis and policy choices of public value. Recent research reports are listed below. More Morrison Institute research reports are available in the Arizona State University archives.

Homeless Population

A New Look: A Survey of Arizona's Homeless Population

Reports and Publications
June 2013
Bill Hart, Eric Hedberg

This first-time survey of individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Arizona provides a detailed portrait of the state's homeless population. By statistically validating some long-held assumptions about homelessness, this research will provide the empirical evidence needed to advance both prevention and treatment strategies.

Initiative Reform

Initiative Reform in Arizona: Exploring Some Ideas

Reports and Publications
May 2013
David Berman

Technical Education

On the Rise: The Role of Career and Technical Education in Arizona's Future

Reports and Publications
April 2013
Sapna Gupta

This report examines the potential of Career and Technical Education (CTE) in Arizona in terms of providing employers certified skills need to compete regionally, nationally and internationally and students avenues for higher education, quality of life and job satisfaction.

Resisting Violence

Resisting Violence & Raising Grades: Creating Safe and Supportive Schools in Arizona

Reports and Publications
April 2013
Erica McFadden, Madelaine Adelman

Sustaining Phoenix

Sustaining Phoenix - Valley of the Sun: Beyond Desert Survival

Reports and Publications
April 2013
Grady Gammage, Jr

This report examines the sustainability of Phoenix, a desert city that some critics say is at risk due to extreme climate, water supply, growth demands and politics.


Citizenship or Something Less? The Economic Implications for Arizona

Citizenship or Something Less? The Economic Implications for Arizona

Reports and Publications
April 2013
Mike Slaven

This Morrison Institute Latino Public Policy report looks at the economic impact individually and collectively concerning the option of permanent residency vs. U.S. citizenship, as part of the nation's immigration reform proposal.

ELL Report

ELL: What's at Stake for Arizona?

Reports and Publications
March 2013

Oscar Jiménez-Castellanos, Ph.D., Arizona State University
Mary Carol Combs, Ph.D., The University of Arizona
David Martínez, Arizona State University
Laura Gómez, Arizona State University

Poor by choice

Poor by Choice: The Power of Leadership

February 2013
Steven G. Seleznow

"Poor by Choice: The Power of Leadership" was the title and focus of a presentation by Arizona Community Foundation President & CEO Steven G. Seleznow, who addressed The Arizona Leadership Forum in Phoenix on Feb. 8.

State of security

The State of Security in the US-Mexico Border Region

Reports and Publications
February 2013
Eric L. Olson, Erik Lee

This working paper lays out the principal challenges facing U.S.-Mexico land ports of entry, which function both to facilitate commerce between the two nations but also provides security. Co-author is Erik Lee, associate director of the North American Center for Transborder Studies (NACTS) at Arizona State University.