Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Reports and Publications
January 2016
Erica Skogebo McFadden, Ph.D., Kim W. Fisher, Ph.D., Sang Eun Lee, MPA, Melissa Kovacs, Ph.D., Maria Barajas

Citizen Initiative Review

Arizona's Pilot Citizen Initiative Review

Reports and Publications
December 2015
Erica S. McFadden Ph.D., David Daugherty Ph.D., John Gastil Ph.D., Katherine Knobloch Ph.D., Daniel Schugurensky Ph.D., Joseph Garcia, Avanti Haque

Independent Voter

Who is Arizona's Independent Voter?

Reports and Publications
November 2015
Erica S. McFadden, Ph.D., David Daugherty, Ph.D., Eric Hedberg, Ph.D., Joseph Garcia

The Citizens Clean Elections Commission and Morrison Institute for Public Policy look at the Independant Voter.

Opportunity Youth

Economic Benefits of Hiring Opportunity Youths

Reports and Publications
October 2015
Linda Manning, Ph.D., Dan Hunting, Sapna Gupta

Starting Strong

Starting Off Strong

Reports and Publications
August 2015
Bill Hart, Linda Manning, Ph.D., John A. Shoemaker, MPH

Graduation cliff

The Graduation Cliff (Summary & Full Report)

Reports and Publications
August 2015
Erica Skogebo McFadden, Ph.D., David B. Daugherty, Ph.D., Sang Eun Lee, Kim W. Fisher, Ph.D., Anthony Hack

Teen Dating Abuse

Reducing Teen Dating Abuse

Reports and Publications
July 2015
Bill Hart, Eric C. Hedberg, Ph.D.

Many domestic violence offenders and victims are repeating patterns of belief and behavior formed in their teenage years. Experts agree that the most effective way to short-circuit teen dating violence is prevention – teaching teenagers how to form healthy relationships and to avoid or escape unhealthy ones.

Best and brightest

Arizona's Best and Brightest

Reports and Publications
June 2015
Dan Hunting

Good News, Bad News, and an Opportunity

TANF cuts

TANF cuts: Is Arizona shortsighted in its dwindling support for poor families?

Reports and Publications
June 2015
Thom Reilly, Keiran Vitek