Arizona's Propositions

Understanding Arizona's Propositions (2014)

Reports and Publications
October 2014
David R. Berman

Morrison Institute Senior Research Fellow David R. Berman looks at the pros and cons of three propositions (Prop 304, Prop 303, Prop 122) that will be on the November statewide ballot.

Perfect Storm

Arizona's Education Financing and Special Education: A Perfect Storm

Reports and Publications
August 2014
Erica McFadden

This brief report, compiled for the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, shows how Arizona's financing for special needs students falls short of what would be required to offer a free, appropriate public education.

Sun Corridor

Sun Corridor: A Competitive Mindset

Reports and Publications
June 2014
Grady Gammage Jr., Dan Hunting

Sun Corridor: A Competitive Mindset builds upon the 2008 Megapolitan report by looking at present and future prospects for the Sun Corridor, the economic heart of Arizona stretching along Interstate 10 from Phoenix to Tucson, down Interstate 19 to the Mexican border.

Water Challenges

New Era of Arizona Water Challenges

Reports and Publications
May 2014
M. Byron Lewis

Cover of Arizona's Vulnerable Populations report

Arizona's Vulnerable Populations, April 2014

The 104th Arizona Town Hall was held in Tucson on April 27-30, 2014. We discussed and developed consensus with fellow Arizonans on the topic of Arizona’s Vulnerable Populations.

Day In Our Shoes

A Day In Our Shoes: Adults With Developmental Disabilities Share Their Experiences Living In Small Cities and Towns

Reports and Publications
April 2014
Erica S. McFadden, David B. Daugherty, Bill Hart

This Morrison Institute report, sponsored by the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, examines the obstacles and daily challenges still facing many Arizonans with developmental disabilities -- especially those who live in small cities and towns.

Dark Money

Challenges and Choices

Serving Valley Victims of Domestic Violence: Challenges and Choices

Reports and Publications
February 2014
Bill Hart

The 2014 publication, "Serving Valley Victims of Domestic Violence: Challenges and Choices," seeks to supply new information on the service needs of Maricopa County victims of domestic violence (DV), a common criminal justice/public health problem that annually injures or kills thousands of Valley residents, shatters families and imposes other serious social costs.