The Walter Cronkite School-based Carnegie-Knight News21 presented a national project that asked “Will the Latino ‘sleeping giant’ wake and vote this November?”

Women’s eNews reports that demographical changes in the state of Arizona and the impact of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has turned the race between Sen.

In an editorial, The Arizona Republic says Arizona will be hit hard when Lake Mead declares a water shortage, but work is underway to lessen the jolt.

Arizona’s first statewide Citizens’ Initiative Review was successfully conducted by Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University.

Arizonans will vote May 17 on Proposition 123, a measure that, if passed, would affect K-12 education funding and the state trust land permanent fund for the next 10 years.

The New Hampshire primary can be difficult to predict because independent voters — who make up nearly half of registered voters there — can participate in either party’s primary, giving them the ab

Legal Broadcast Network reported that the City of Phoenix is looking at a transportation plan that could cost $31 billion. The proposal will go to the voters in an August election.