The Atlantic reported that the future caught up to Joe Arpaio, the “toughest sheriff in America,” who was crushed in Tuesday’s Republican Senate primary in Arizona, and although pardoned b

Arizona State University's State Press reported that in 2016, almost half of Arizona’s population did not vote in the presidential election and less than three percent of ASU’s student bod

Some understand that the North American Free Trade Agreement needs to be modernized, and on Monday, President Trump announced a new trade agreement between the U.S. and Mexico.

University of Arizona's Daily Wildcat reported that according to Gallup, 63 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with the current direction of the country.

CNN Politics reported that Latino voters could help decide several competitive races in Arizona this election cycle and Republicans and Democrats are making their best pitches to win the v

The New York Times reported that there was a time not long ago when many in Arizona thought Joe Arpaio would remain sheriff of Maricopa County for the rest of his life.

In a column in the Arizona Daily Star, commissioner Mark Kimble, member of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission and registered independent voter, says there is an increasing number of v

The Foothills Focus reported that a new report published this month by Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University declared that Arizona is experienci

Two housing experts and a Marine Corps veteran weigh in on the lack of affordable housing in Arizona.

Chamber Business News reported that Arizona home builders in the populous center of the state are worried that emerging water wars threaten the development of the Sun Corridor, the megareg

PHOENIX - Only about one in five eligible voters cast ballots in Arizona primaries, despite the fact these races often serve as the decisive election for Congress and the Legislature.

ASU's Cronkite News reported that when Twitter announced it would delete inactive accounts, Arizona Sen. John McCain lost 210,000 followers.