The Arizona Republic reported that while future changes in the job market are simply guesses and impossible to know, panelists at the Arizona State University Morrison Institute fo

KJZZ Radio reported that technology is changing transportation and the workforce in Arizona. For example, fleets of autonomous cars are taking part in road tests around the Valley.

Technology is disrupting our lives at an ever increasing pace, but Arizona State University’s futurist in residence has a message about that: Don’t be afraid.

Arizona Horizon featured Brian David Johnson, futurist in residence at Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the Imagination, who believes Arizona is a growth state with an opp

Disruptors and innovations in the immediate future, and their impact on Arizona transportation and the workforce will be the focus of this year’s State of Our State Conference, the annual signature

The ripple effects of Syria’s brutal civil war have been felt across the globe, and countries nearest to the epicenter are straining to accommodate a massive influx of refugees.

Politics, elections and governance in the United States are largely viewed through the lens of a two-party power structure of Republicans and Democrats.

Andrea Whitsett has been named interim director of Morrison Institute for Public Policy, filling the top position vacated by Thom Reilly to become chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Educatio

Debate about charter schools versus public schools continues in our state, but what does the data actually show about how successful these schools are?

“Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting,” runs an old saw about water in the West, sometimes attributed to Mark Twain.

Independent voters, who resist being identified with either of the main political parties, could be a way for a deeply divided electorate to move forward, according to several experts at the annual

Tomorrow the presidential election will be over, and friends, co-workers and family members who have been bitterly divided will need to move forward. But how?