Joseph Garcia

No Latinos in Trump Cabinet is history in reverse
Joseph Garcia

Since 1988, every U.S. president’s Cabinet has had Latino representation – until now.

Bill Hart

Do drive-by lawsuits run over businesses and people with disabilities?
Bill Hart and Erica McFadden

Twenty-six years after passage of the ADA, too many people with disabilities still feel as though some Arizona businesses are unwelcome to them. Physical obstacles, barriers and a lack of building access force many people with disabilities to strategize over what others take for granted, such as where to go to eat, where to shop and even where they can use a restroom.

Sarah Porter

Getting a handle on Arizona’s water future

Sarah Porter

Thanks to media coverage of the California drought and a possible shortage declaration on the Colorado River, the future of Arizona’s water supplies is receiving increasing attention. There is a consensus among experts that Arizona faces a demand-supply gap; that is, in the next twenty-to-one hundred years, demand for water will exceed current available supplies.