Erica Quintana and David Schlinkert

Who was your role model as you became an adult?
Erica Quintana and David Schlinkert
January 17, 2019

Kids at risk

Joseph Garcia Blog

Midterm turnout asks: 'Voter crisis? What voter crisis?'
Joseph Garcia
November 21, 2018

At this week's State of Our State Conference, Morrison Institute's annual signature event, the updated report on "Arizona's Voter Crisis" was distributed and findings were presented. You can find a PDF version to download HERE.

David Schlinkert Blog

Dental Care for Disadvantaged Pregnant Women in AZ
David Schlinkert
September 11, 2018

Pregnant women below the poverty line in Arizona face numerous headaches in their everyday lives, including access to affordable dental care.

Pregnant women are more likely to experience swelling and bleeding of the gums compared to non-pregnant women,1 and pregnant women with periodontal disease are more likely to have pre-term births and low-birthweight babies.2

Joseph Garcia

1 million voters in primary a historic step forward
Joseph Garcia
September 6, 2018

For the first time, more than 1 million Arizonans cast ballots in the primary election. That’s great news. But does the historic vote mean the so-called voter crisis is over?

David Schlinkert

Preliminary Findings from Maggie's Place Study
David Schlinkert
August 29, 2018

"This is the first time in my life that I've been sober like this. I've tried to get sober before, but it never worked. Without Maggie's Place, I probably would have lost my baby, and I'd probably be running the streets."
– Former homeless and pregnant mother in Arizona

Susan Craig

A river runs through our pipes
Susan Craig
August 22, 2018

These days there's more and more talk of the possibility of reductions in Arizona's surface water supplies and whether the state will need to find additional water. We may not have to look too far.

Joseph Garcia

Nearly half of eligible voters in Arizona don’t cast ballots
Joseph Garcia, with Tom Collins
July 27, 2018

This column first appeared July 26, 2018 at Arizona Capital Times.

Andrea Whitsett

Millennials and independents keep skipping Arizona elections. Why? And what's the fix?
Andrea Whitsett, with Damien R. Meyer
July 23, 2018

This column first appeared July 22, 2018 at azcentral.

Opinion: Only 55 percent of eligible Arizona voters cast a ballot in 2016. Could a lack of information on offices and issues be part of the culprit?

We know too many potential voters are skipping Arizona elections. But why? And most importantly, what we can do about it?

David Schlinkert

Africa in a word: Determination
David Schlinkert
June 27, 2018

When many Americans think of Africa, they usually think of destitution, AIDS, famine and war. Such conjured images are understandable since most news from Africa to the U.S. is overtly tragic.

Joseph Garcia

Separation of families, church and state, laws and policy
Joseph Garcia
June 15, 2018

U.S. immigration policy and laws have changed over the years – from the 1790 Naturalization Act that allowed only a “free white person” to become an American, to the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Action that granted citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants, largely from Latin America.