Patients in Nicaragua line up to receive dental treatment from Esperança’s medical brigade team, a program created to address the shortage of primary care services and medications in rural communities.

Creating practice-based evidence for change

By David Schlinkert
December 16, 2019

This piece originally appeared on page ZA06 of the Dec. 13, 2019, edition of The Arizona Republic.

Like education, positive health outcomes have the power to improve individual and community livelihoods. A healthy workforce makes Arizona more productive, competitive and equitable.

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How can we reduce motorcycle fatalities in Arizona?

By David Schlinkert
December 12, 2019

As blood poured out of him onto the street, we scrambled to call 911 and check to see if he had a pulse. This tragedy, which I witnessed last month, is seared into my mind. 

Seven inequities held in place by power, seven opportunities for change.

Working toward equity in research

By Erica Quintana
December 10, 2019

What does equity in research really mean? How do we design and engage in research that honors this core value? These are just some of the questions I was prompted to reflect on during a Collective Impact Forum in Chicago.

Morrison Research

Certainly uncertain – living in a post-bright line world
Melissa Kovacs, Dan Hunting, Erica Quintana, and David Schlinkert
May 28, 2019


Joseph Garcia Blog

AZ among top states for passing ‘copycat bills’ written by national partisan, industry groups
Joseph Garcia
April 11, 2019

Arizona is among the top states for copycat legislation, “model” bills that are crafted on a national level by conservative, liberal and industry special-interest groups and then pushed on the local level from state Capitol to state Capitol.

Joseph Garcia Blog

Teen suicide prevention and LGBTQ kids
Joseph Garcia
April 3, 2019

(UPDATE: The so-called "No promo homo" law was repealed on April 11 after Governor Doug Ducey signed a bipartisan bill to end the 1991 state law.)

Joseph Garcia Blog

A paint-by-number portrait of Arizona’s nebulous independent voter
Joseph Garcia
March 20, 2019

It’s a new year in politics. As of Jan. 1, there were 3,782,218 people registered to vote in Arizona, according the state Secretary of State’s Office. Perhaps you’re among them.

Insights from Mentoring Monday
Andrea Whitsett
March 7, 2019

It is a somewhat daunting task delivering a keynote address on mentoring before a group of distinguished women leaders and rising professionals. OK, drop the “somewhat” part. But when asked if I would speak at the Phoenix Business Journal Mentoring Monday event on Feb. 25, I welcomed the challenge.

Joseph Garcia

'Latino vote' is larger than simply votes cast by Latinos
Joseph Garcia
January 23, 2019

With every new election cycle, I am asked many questions by many news organizations about the Latino vote, mainly: "Is this the year Latinos make their presence felt at the ballot box?"