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Certainly uncertain – living in a post-bright line world
Melissa Kovacs, Dan Hunting, Erica Quintana, and David Schlinkert
May 28, 2019


Joseph Garcia Blog

AZ among top states for passing ‘copycat bills’ written by national partisan, industry groups
Joseph Garcia
April 11, 2019

Arizona is among the top states for copycat legislation, “model” bills that are crafted on a national level by conservative, liberal and industry special-interest groups and then pushed on the local level from state Capitol to state Capitol.

Joseph Garcia Blog

Teen suicide prevention and LGBTQ kids
Joseph Garcia
April 3, 2019

(UPDATE: The so-called "No promo homo" law was repealed on April 11 after Governor Doug Ducey signed a bipartisan bill to end the 1991 state law.)

Joseph Garcia Blog

A paint-by-number portrait of Arizona’s nebulous independent voter
Joseph Garcia
March 20, 2019

It’s a new year in politics. As of Jan. 1, there were 3,782,218 people registered to vote in Arizona, according the state Secretary of State’s Office. Perhaps you’re among them.

Insights from Mentoring Monday
Andrea Whitsett
March 7, 2019

It is a somewhat daunting task delivering a keynote address on mentoring before a group of distinguished women leaders and rising professionals. OK, drop the “somewhat” part. But when asked if I would speak at the Phoenix Business Journal Mentoring Monday event on Feb. 25, I welcomed the challenge.

Joseph Garcia

'Latino vote' is larger than simply votes cast by Latinos
Joseph Garcia
January 23, 2019

With every new election cycle, I am asked many questions by many news organizations about the Latino vote, mainly: "Is this the year Latinos make their presence felt at the ballot box?"

Erica Quintana

Who was your role model as you became an adult?
Erica Quintana and David Schlinkert
January 17, 2019

The future of the average kid aging out of foster care in Arizona is bleak. Data show that foster care kids are more likely to be without a high school education when they become adults. Their rates of arrest, homelessness, poor health, and welfare dependency are higher than in the general population.(1)

Joseph Garcia Blog

Midterm turnout asks: 'Voter crisis? What voter crisis?'
Joseph Garcia
November 21, 2018

At this week's State of Our State Conference, Morrison Institute's annual signature event, the updated report on "Arizona's Voter Crisis" was distributed and findings were presented. You can find a PDF version to download HERE.

David Schlinkert Blog

Dental Care for Disadvantaged Pregnant Women in AZ
David Schlinkert
September 11, 2018

Pregnant women below the poverty line in Arizona face numerous headaches in their everyday lives, including access to affordable dental care.

Pregnant women are more likely to experience swelling and bleeding of the gums compared to non-pregnant women,1 and pregnant women with periodontal disease are more likely to have pre-term births and low-birthweight babies.2

Joseph Garcia

1 million voters in primary a historic step forward
Joseph Garcia
September 6, 2018

For the first time, more than 1 million Arizonans cast ballots in the primary election. That’s great news. But does the historic vote mean the so-called voter crisis is over?