Five Shoes Waiting to Drop on Arizona's Future

Reports and Publications
October 2001
Mark Muro, Tina Valdecanas, Christina Kinnear

There are always plenty of shoes waiting to drop on our society. But the five we deal with here are the most fundamental ones - those that could make or break Arizona's success in the future.

They are:

    A Talent Shake Up
    Latino Education Dilemma
    A Fuzzy Economic Identity
    Lost Stewardship
    The Revenue Sieve

All of these challenges require us to marshal the skills and the creativity of Arizona's most important resource, its diverse and energetic population. For in the end, Arizona's future depends on gathering the best efforts of all kinds of people and making sure they have the abilities and opportunities they need to create a prosperous, healthy society.

To do that, we have to face the challenges head-on. Too often we say: "If only someone had warned us we would have acted." Well, with these pages, five definite alarms endeavor to motivate constructive action before it is too late.

So look out, Arizona! Shoes are waiting to drop. Let's not get stepped on.