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Arizona's Ballot Propositions (2014)In our latest publication, “Understanding Arizona's Propositions,” Morrison Institute Senior Research Fellow David R. Berman looks at the pros and cons of three propositions (Prop 304, Prop 303, Prop 122) that will be on the November statewide ballot.

Morrison Institute Welcomes You

Welcome to the Morrison Institute for Public Policy in the College of Public Service & Community Solutions at ASU. Currently, our group of researchers is engaged in several projects studying and advising the state of Arizona with regard to past and future policy. To see more information about the mission and staff, please see the About section.

While other institutions may single out for study a particular side of an argument, Morrison Institute has developed a uniquely non-partisan model recognizing that Arizona's past and future always favors independence. Our research must cut across all boundaries of age, ethnicity, gender, economic status, and locale. That's why research undertaken by Morrison Institute addresses all sides of an issue and all those impacted by the policy enacted.

Our Seven Areas of Focus

  • WATER: Arizona and the West's water futures
  • EDUCATION: The evolving role of education in a new economy
  • GOVERNANCE: Governance, elections and voter engagement
  • DEMOGRAPHICS: The growing Latino and aging populations
  • ECONOMY: Expand, diversify and enhance trade with Mexico
  • IMMIGRATION: Economic and citizenship policy
  • HUMAN SERVICES: Health care, domestic violence, and program evaluation

Latino Public Policy Center

The Latino Center was launched in 2012 to help clarify the impact of Latino-related issues, public policy and trends on Arizona’s collective future. The Latino Center provides nonpartisan and credible data, analysis, expertise and content to policy makers, educators, news media, business and community leaders for better-informed decisions regarding Arizona’s changing demographics.

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Join us May 26 in Mesa or May 27 in Tucson for an informative conversation about increasing citizen participation in the democratic process:


A Zócalo/ASU College of Public Service & Community Solutions discussion about how Phoenix as we know it came to be -- and the consequences of all its growth.


Arizona’s agricultural industry claims around eighty percent of Colorado River water, and in recent news media and public discussions regarding Arizona’s water supplies, some individuals question whether Arizona’s agricultural industry receives...

Arizona said its final goodbyes to Governor Raul Castro last week with memorial services in Tucson and Phoenix, including a special event at the state Capitol hosted by Governor Doug Ducey.


Morrison Institute for Public Policy and the ASU College of Public Service and Community Solutions will be an integral part of the Southwest Pathways Conference on May 28-29.


A new poll of 400 Arizonans shows a slight majority, 53 percent, believe the state is in a water crisis, and an even higher percentage say politicians and the media aren’t giving the crisis enough attention.