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The Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute promotes research, analysis, collaboration and dialogue to build consensus on sound water stewardship for Arizona and the West.



Arizona Water Blueprint

Arizona Water Blueprint
Coming in 2019
A dynamic web-based visualization tool to foster understanding and to support planning and decision-making.

Water Index
Resiliency Scorecards
Coming in 2019
The Water Index promotes informed discussion of water challenges and assists decision makers in sound
management strategies

Adjudication Reform
Coming in 2019
The Kyl Water Center is working with stakeholders to find ways to settle water rights claims and ensure that individuals and communities have the water certainty they need.

Water for Agriculture
Water for Agriculture
Coming in 2019




The Price of Uncertainty

The Price of Uncertainty
By Kathleen Ferris, Sarah Porter, Grady Gammage Jr., Ana Lopez

What water-related questions do people at the cutting edge of economic development ask when evaluating a site for potential investment? The Price of Uncertainty explores how the Gila Adjudication clouds the water certainty individuals, businesses and communities need for sound water stewardship and future prosperity.


Water Security report2

Water Security
By Rhett B. Larson

Climate change as the dominant paradigm is obsolete because it fails to adequately resonate with the concerns of the general public and fails to integrate fundamental sustainability challenges related to economic development and population growth. The water security paradigm directly addresses the main reasons climate change ultimately matters to most people—droughts, floods, plagues, and wars.



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Better discussion leads to better solutions

The Kyl Center convenes multiple Water Forums and Leaders Roundtables throughout the year. These programs are designed to engage the public and decision makers.

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The Kyl Center for Water Policy is a nonpartisan water think tank. Named after U.S. Senator Jon Kyl, a universally respected water expert and leader, we promote research, analysis, collaboration and open dialogue to identify opportunities for consensus to ensure sound water stewardship for Arizona and the Western region.

Kyl Water Center Advisory Board
A diverse group with a wide and varied background, representing a variety of sectors and interests to ensure a broad perspective with a number of viewpoints. The Board serves as champions for the Kyl Center, provides input on strategic direction, and assists with fund development.
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