Morrison Institute for Public Policy is a statewide leader in examining critical issues for Arizona and the region, and is a catalyst for public dialogue. An Arizona State University resource, Morrison Institute uses nonpartisan research, analysis and public outreach to help improve the state's quality of life.

Morrison Institute was established in 1982 through a grant from Marvin and June Morrison of Gilbert, Arizona, in response to the state’s growing need for objective research on public policy issues. Through its history, Morrison Institute has conducted important work on topics that span education reform, water resources, health care, human services, urban growth, government structure, arts and culture, technology, quality of life, public finance, environment, sustainability, and economic development.

The Institute's main mission is to encourage public discussion; using high-quality, current research and historical understanding to create an informed Arizona citizenry.

The Morrison Institute Advisory Board is a non-partisan group of leading Arizona business people, scholars, public officials, and public policy experts. Financial support for Morrison Institute is provided by private and public funds, contract research and donations.

Mission & Focus

The institute specifically:

  • Analyzes and evaluates social patterns and policy impact.
  • Develops strategies and programs to move Arizona's status along a practical path toward a beneficial future for all.
  • Develops a clearinghouse of research reports and available data concerning Arizona.
  • Educates, trains and provides technical assistance to all stakeholders in Arizona's policy realm.

Currently, Morrison Institute is engaged in several local and state research projects aimed at researching potential policy and its impacts.

Morrison Institute, which celebrates its 37th year in 2019, has a longstanding reputation for bringing education issues to the forefront in terms of economic and workforce development and its intrinsic link to a prosperous future for the state and its residents.

Arizona Capitol Times award


The Arizona Capitol Times has named Morrison Institute for Public Policy as one of its 2016 Leaders of the Year in Public Policy, with the Arizona State University center being recognized for its contributions to education.