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Image Credit: Nick Oza/The Arizona RepublicState of Our State Conference Whitepapers on Criminal Justice reform are about who should be in jail and how society should treat them once there. Please read what our conference panelists have to say.

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Welcome to the Morrison Institute for Public Policy in the College of Public Service & Community Solutions at ASU. Currently, our group of researchers is engaged in several projects studying and advising the state of Arizona with regard to past and future policy. To see more information about the mission and staff, please see the About section.

While other institutions may single out for study a particular side of an argument, Morrison Institute has developed a uniquely non-partisan model recognizing that Arizona's past and future always favors independence. Our research must cut across all boundaries of age, ethnicity, gender, economic status, and locale. That's why research undertaken by Morrison Institute addresses all sides of an issue and all those impacted by the policy enacted.

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Latino Public Policy Center

The Latino Center was launched in 2012 to help clarify the impact of Latino-related issues, public policy and trends on Arizona’s collective future. The Latino Center provides nonpartisan and credible data, analysis, expertise and content to policy makers, educators, news media, business and community leaders for better-informed decisions regarding Arizona’s changing demographics.

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ADDPC has launched a new statewide collaborative project to better engage people with developmental disabilities, their families and their communities on issues related to employment, health, and social connection. The project will include public discussions in 10 Arizona communities during April and May to build local and regional partnerships...

Phoenix’s 12News spoke with Sarah Porter, director of ASU’s Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute, about plans for a Nestlé water-bottling plant in west Phoenix that will bottle millions of gallons of...

Canada, Mexico and the U.S.’s are each other’s most important trading partners, with 34% ($517 billion) of the U.S.’s total exports of $1.5 trillion in goods exported to these two countries alone in 2015. The U.S. imported a combined $590 billion...

Arizona State University's State Press reported that Gov. Doug Ducey announced the education funding plan Proposition 123 has passed.

Dan Hunting, senior policy analyst at ASU’s Morrison...

The Arizona Republic reported that the world's largest water bottler intends to open a bottling plant in Phoenix. Nestle Waters will revamp a west warehouse to treat city water and sell Pure Life brand bottles, city and company officials...