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Morrison Institute is a leading resource for relevant research, analysis and policy choices of public value. Recent research reports are listed below.

More Morrison Institute research reports are available in the Arizona State University archives.

Housing Homeless Youth

Reports and Publications
March 2017
Bill Hart, Kendra L. Smith

Bail or Jail?

Reports and Publications
January 2017
Bill Hart

If a person cannot afford to post bail, he/she stays in jail until trial, which can be costly to all sides.

The ‘Neglect of Neglect’

Reports and Publications
December 2016
Erica Quintana, Bill Hart, Kelly Megahan

Spotlight on Arizona’s Kids

As part of a three-year project, this is the first in a series of briefs in which Morrison Institute for Public Policy will report on selected aspects of Arizona’s child welfare system.

Understanding Arizona’s Propositions: 205 / 206

Reports and Publications
September 2016
David R. Berman

Morrison Institute for Public Policy Senior Research Fellow David R. Berman lists the pro & con arguments related to:

Proposition 205, the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act, which would legalize marijuana for recreational use by people aged 21 and older.

Time for a Plan

Reports and Publications
June 2016
Erica S. McFadden, Ph.D.

The 108th Arizona Town Hall: Arizona & Mexico

The 108th Arizona Town Hall, ( which convened at Casino Del Sol Resort in Tucson in April 2016, developed consensus on the topic of “Arizona & Mexico.” The full text of these recommendations is contained in this final report.

Understanding Arizona's Propositions: 2016

May 2016
Dan Hunting, Thom Reilly
Brief Analysis of Proposition 123

The decision about how to vote on Proposition 123 hinges on complex issues of education and state trust land finances. Morrison Institute has assembled a guide to some of the most important points to consider before you complete your ballot.

Prop 124 – Changes to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSRS)

Reports and Publications
April 2016
Thom Reilly

Understanding Arizona's Propositions: 2016
Prop 124 – Changes to the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSRS)

Building and Rebuilding An Election System in Arizona: Where We've Been, Where We're Going

Reports and Publications
March 2016
David Berman

Arizona Minority Student Progress Report 2016

Reports and Publications
March 2016
Dr. Jeffrey F. Milem, Karina G. Salazar ,W. Patrick Bryan