Arizona has seen some improvements in child welfare, but the gains are not equal for all groups — and that's an issue that the state must face, according to Judy Krysik, director of the

Arizona Republic's Robert Robb wrote an opinion editorial column saying "The insularity of water policy decision-making causes certain suspect premises to go unquestioned or challenged.

The Arizona Republic reported that a registration drive will be under way in Arizona and several other states as Republicans aligned with President Donald Trump are poring over data, searc

The Arizona Daily Star reported that some suburbs of Tucson and Phoenix will struggle to find enough water to keep growing without damaging underground aquifers by overpumping groundwater, reported that population growth, years of drought conditions, and high demand for water are some of the major factors that a

The Arizona Republic reported that a set of water rules that has fueled rapid growth in Arizona’s suburbs is riddled with weaknesses, according to a

KJZZ reported that a key water management tool that enables housing development in central Arizona does not have a rosy future.

A case study in the Phoenix New Times investigates the real-life argument of advocates for juvenile justice who acknowledge that punitive measures do little to address root causes of viole

Policy analyst for Arizona State University's Morrison Institute for Public Policy Erica Quintana, Executive Director of Arizona After School Courtney Sullivan, and Darlene Newsom,

AZ Big Media reported that Southwest states and water stakeholders wrestled to reach consensus on a plan to conserve Colorado River water for the future.

Harvard Business Review reported that he world’s population is expected to grow to 9.8 billion by the year 2050, which means more than half the people on Earth will live in water-stressed

The Southwest’s long-standing drought has left the state staring down a historic and first-ever Colorado River water cutback in 2020.