Dear new members of the 54th Legislature:

Welcome to the Arizona Legislature! The path taken to becoming an elected official is rarely an easy one, and I congratulate you on your achievement.

You have arrived at a critical time in our state’s history, and I look forward to working with you and your colleagues throughout this legislative session to continue to serve the citizens of Arizona. As we begin our work, let us remember those leaders who came before us; John McCain, Rose Mofford, Ed Pastor, Gabby Giffords, or Mo Udall and more. These men and women set the example for how to put party labels aside and truly work together for the good of all Arizonans. So let us work to emulate that spirit of service as we take on the challenges before us in the coming legislative session.

Thank you for your commitment to serving the people of Arizona. I wish you and your families all the best as we move forward.


Douglas A. Ducey
State of Arizona

Gov. Doug Ducey