Majority of Arizonans support increase in state unemployment benefits, Morrison Institute-Republic poll finds

The Arizona Republic reported that more than half of Arizona adults believe the state should permanently increase the amount of money people can receive in weekly unemployment benefits, according to a Morrison Institute-Arizona Republic poll conducted during the coronavirus pandemic.

Support for expanded benefits spanned nearly every income level and age bracket.

A majority of respondents from both parties — 85% of Democrats and 62% of Republicans — identified supporting laid off workers as a key issue during the pandemic.

But, much like at the state Legislature, thoughts on how to do that varied by party, with 68% of Democrats supporting expanded unemployment benefits versus 41% of Republican respondents.

Though they differed on several policy recommendations, respondents of all political stripes did agree on one thing when it came to state government: Most of them were unimpressed by officials' COVID-19 response, with just 35% rating it "good" or "excellent."

More than half of those polled thought officials had failed to strike the appropriate balance between public health and civil liberties, with 34% saying they wanted to see more emphasis on the former and 18% wanting more attention paid to the latter.