Kyl Center Debuts the Arizona Water Blueprint, an Online Water Information Hub

To coincide with the 40th Anniversary of Arizona’s Groundwater Management Act, the ASU Kyl Center for Water Policy today launched an innovative, online map and water data hub to help our state’s communities plan for a more resilient water future.

During the past year, Kyl Center staff held design workshops with over 200 experts in water, land use, environmental conservation, and economic development. Input from these experts helped the Kyl Center create the Arizona Water Blueprint, which can be found at

“People who are invested in ensuring good water stewardship across Arizona came together to tell us what tools they need to help plan Arizona’s water future,” said Sarah Porter, director of the Kyl Center for Water Policy. “What we’ve done is to pull that all together in one place.”

The Arizona Water Blueprint is a data-rich, interactive map of the state’s water resources and infrastructure. It offers data visualizations and in-depth multimedia content on important water-related topics.

The goal of the Blueprint tool, which includes more than 40 data layers – such as irrigation districts, water withdrawal wells, and Active Management Areas – is to encourage holistic approaches to water planning and policymaking.

“The Arizona Water Blueprint site has two main components: an interactive map where people can freely explore Arizona’s water landscape, and story maps, which provide a guided learning experience,” said Susan Craig, a water policy analyst with the Kyl Center. “We’re going to continue updating both of these components with the latest and most relevant information about water in Arizona.”