Better discussion leads to better solutions
The Kyl Center convenes multiple Water Forums and Leaders Roundtables throughout the year. These programs are designed to engage the public and decision makers.


February 1, 2019  •  7:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.
University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center Annual Conference

Black Canyon Conference Center
Arizona Runs on Water: Scarcity, Challenges, and Community-based Solutions
Register and join the conversation about how Arizona communities will ensure that they have sufficient water to meet their future needs. See the full agenda. Student participation encouraged.



ISSUES & ANSWERS FORUM “Water In Arizona:  Past, Present and Future”
The Sandra Day O’Connor Institute collaborated with Valley Leadership to present a leading panel of experts to discuss one of Arizona’s most precious and vital resources, water. In addition to the esteemed panelists, U.S. Senator Jon Kyl provided keynote remarks. See video playlist.