Economic Development in Arizona

Project Dates: 
2009 - Present
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The Arizona Commerce Authority has partnered with Morrison Institute for Public Policy on a two-year project that will ultimately become part of an economic development strategy for the state.

This work is concentrated in four areas:

  • A review of economic development plans done throughout the state over the past decade
  • An assessment of the competitive threats to Arizona's future development
  • Identification of opportunities for increased trade with Mexico, Canada, and California
  • An analysis of the alignment of educational outputs and industry needs

As state economies begin to improve and other states move to capitalize on the growth of the Mexican economy, we all realize that the window of opportunity is short that we need to be working together and building upon what each other has been doing. The ACA will develop and unified strategy and message in a collaborative process with organizations in the state to position the state as a global hub for FDI. Throughout this process, there will be extensive outreach and communication to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged.