Mission statement

The Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute seeks to generate policy proposals for public evaluation and subsequent consideration for possible action or adoption. An Arizona State University resource, the Kyl Center promotes research, analysis, collaboration and open dialogue to identify opportunities for consensus to ensure sound water stewardship for Arizona and the Western region for generations to come.

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January 4-5, 2017

The inaugural Arizona Legislative Academy for new members of the 53rd Legsilature was held at the state Captiol. The nonpartisan, informative academy featured speakers and PowerPoint presentations regarding key issues, challenges and opportunities for Arizona. The Arizona Legislative Academy was facilitated by the Arizona State University College of Public Service & Community Solutions and ASU Morrison Institute for Public Policy.


Welcome by the Office of the Governor

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A 2015 National Service and Civic Engagement Competition grantee through the Office of Research and Evaluation at the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS), Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University was funded to conduct a one-year pilot study in Arizona to investigate employment opportunities and outcomes for AmeriCorps members.

Specifically, the pilot study assessed where and how job opportunities are created for AmeriCorps members, how service affects preparation and employment, and how members are perceived by organizations.

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To conduct, promote, and disseminate high quality disability policy research that encourages collaboration, public deliberation and action, and ultimately greater community inclusion of people in the Intermountain West region (Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah).







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Arizona successfully completed its inaugural Citizens’ Initiative Review, an award-winning citizen-participant project to help voters better understand the pros and cons of complex ballot issues.

For this initial CIR, Phoenix’s pension reform proposal (Proposition 487) was thoroughly examined for 3½ days by 20 participants who represented a sample of Phoenix voters based on demographic criteria.

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2013 - Present

Education and training are the stepping stones to individual development and economic self-sufficiency. Trained entrepreneurs, professionals and workers fuel business growth, attract prized employers and drive statewide prosperity in all sectors. As Arizona emerges from the Great Recession, its future success requires an education system that provides future workers with the skills and credentials to meet the rising challenge of global competition.

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2009 - Present

See "Documents" below for Executive Summary and 31 summary chapters

The Arizona Commerce Authority has partnered with Morrison Institute for Public Policy on a two-year project that will ultimately become part of an economic development strategy for the state.

This work is concentrated in four areas:

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2008 - Present

Looking for facts and figures about Arizona? Find quality data, maps, and expert analysis in a single location at is a free, online information resource and analysis tool that centralizes quality information about the state and its communities.

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