TVN: Proposed projects hit water roadblock

Thursday, October 12, 2017

True Viral News reported that plans for a community in Casa Grande have hit a major roadblock: The state of Arizona says there might not be enough water underground in aquifers to support the new development and it isn’t the only one with a water problem that could halt construction.

So far, according to the Arizona Department of Water Resources, 15 proposed projects in the Pinal County area have received letters from the state notifying them that groundwater necessary for their projects could be in short supply.

Aquifers under the Pinal County area aren’t drying up anytime soon, state and local officials say. They say there is plenty of water underground to supply homeowners and that thousands of planned homes can still be built. The problem, however, comes when the state looks long term – 100 years out, to be exact.

Some water experts say the scenario should be a wake-up call for the Pinal area and other parts of the state where the heavy reliance on aquifer pumping is a challenge that won’t go away.

Kathleen Ferris, a senior research fellow at Arizona State University’s Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute, says challenges in the Pinal active management area could happen in other areas that become too dependent on groundwater.

She says the area must ultimately find ways to get a more renewable supply of water, such as surface water from the Colorado River, to support sustainable residential growth.

“It has to be addressed with a clear vision for fixing the problems rather than just pretending that we’ve fixed them,” Ferris says. “That means that the growth that occurs is growth that you can sustain.”

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