Republic: Stepping up to water challenges

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Arizona Republic reported that after a year of promoting water consciousness, backers of the New Arizona Prize are now looking to reward someone who has a collaborative plan to do something about the challenges facing the state.

Republic Media, Arizona Community Foundation and Morrison Institute will award $250,000 to the team with the best proposal to use technology or market solutions to improve an Arizona community’s water security.

The prize follows up on last year’s award of $100,000 to a team from Tucson that has produced a multimedia water-consciousness campaign to educate Arizonans about their future water challenges.

The team unveiled its “Beyond the Mirage” website and has produced a one-hour documentary for public television.

Arizona and the Southwest face the twin challenges of a growing population and a Colorado River water supply that is stressed by climate change. Meanwhile, rural areas relying on groundwater are using it faster than nature can replenish it.

Now the focus is on action, requiring collaboration from the private and public sectors.

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