Nogalas: Teachers deserve recognition and thanks

Monday, August 21, 2017

In an editorial in the Nogalas International, Jonathan Clark congratulated the 21 nominees who were recognized at the 2017 Santa Cruz County Teacher of the Year ceremony.

“Teaching is a vitally important but increasingly challenging profession, especially true in Arizona,” Clark wrote.

According to a study released in May by Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University (Finding and Keeping Educators for Arizona’s Classrooms), when adjusted for cost of living, elementary school teacher pay in Arizona is the lowest in the nation. High school teacher pay was almost as bad, ranking 49th among the 50 states.

Clark noted, “Often at public events – Diamondbacks games are one example – attendees are given the chance to honor public safety employees and members of the military with rounds of applause. I’ve sometimes wondered why teachers, given the sacrifices they make and dedication they show for making a difference in the lives of youth, don’t receive similar treatment.”

“Public schools play an enormously important role in Santa Cruz County – especially when it comes to providing opportunities to children from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds,” Clark concluded, “The achievements they produce are a tremendous source of pride for the community. The teachers who steer these successes while working in highly challenging circumstances deserve our recognition and thanks.”

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