KVOI: Arizona faces challenges for getting citizens to vote

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Voter participation is continuing to erode in the United States. The situation here in Arizona is a crisis, according to a study by Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU. In Arizona, only 58 percent of eligible voters turn out on average.

Joseph Garcia, director of the Latino Public Policy Center at ASU's Morrison Institute was a guest on KVOI's Bill Buckmaster Show and said that compared to other states, Arizona voter turnout is in the bottom 20%, ranking 43rd out of the 50 states.

Garcia noted that one of the big challenges are millennials, who make up nearly one-third of Arizona adults, yet only about half of millennials even bother to register to vote. The real concern moving forward is whether or not millennials will become voters later in life, or if millennials will go the track of their own way and Arizona will fall into a deeper crisis.

"The key is not driving more people to the polls, but driving more educated people to the polls," Garcia said.

(Segment begins at 31:17, total running time 8:49)