KJZZ: Study finds young voters distressed

Friday, October 26, 2018

KJZZ in Phoenix reported that a new study in the Journal of American College Health found that Millennials were stressed out after the 2016 presidential election. From among nearly 800 ASU students, a quarter came away with "event-related clinical distress," a symptom psychologists argue can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder later in life.

In a report by ASU's Morrison Institute for Public Policy, Joseph Garcia, director of communications and community impact, found that 49 percent of Millennials did not registered to vote and predicted that percentage will worsen as they experience their first election.

"They don't know in past elections it was different, that is wasn't near as negative, but they're bombarded constantly by mean and nasty campaigning by both sides," Garcia said. "And, that's going to result in perhaps young people not voting and perhaps young people not voting ever."

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