IVC: Independent voters are changing the future of democracy

Thursday, October 5, 2017

IVC Media asks ‘how can we continue to credibly analyze the current state and future of our democracy when a plurality of voters in the country are independent of the major parties and the two-party system?’

That is a key question behind a new roadmap released in partnership by ASU’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy, USC Schwarzenegger Institute, and Independent Voting: Gamechangers? Independent Voters May Rewrite the Political Playbook.

In a statement given to IVN, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says, “[t]he rising number of voters in the United States who are registering and identifying as ‘independent’ is a very important phenomenon and is already impacting local, state, and national elections.”

He added, “Understanding who these voters are and what they care about is essential to a strong democracy, and I am proud to have my Institute involved with this study.”

“This paper provides an important foundation for a better understanding of independent voters, as well as the underreported undercurrent of independent sentiment in a traditionally viewed political world that is still very much controlled by the two major parties,” said Joseph Garcia, director of communication and community impact for Morrison Institute, and director of its Latino Public Policy Center.

“That long-held duo control is becoming more tenuous, however, as more voters disassociate themselves with polarizing partisanship and constricting party lines by joining the independent movement — either by action, name or both.”

Voters are demanding political independence. Activists are pursuing it. And now, with academia on their side, today’s two-party political experts may be shocked by the power of independent voters for years to come.

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