Election's meaning to be focus of Morrison Institute event Nov. 19

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The votes have been cast, the election is over and the people have spoken. But what does it all mean?

What do the outcomes say about our future as a state and a nation? Are changing demographics being reflected in a changing electorate? And did the historic midterm elections put an end to Arizona's voter crisis?

Those questions and more will be addressed Nov. 19 at the 2018 State of Our State Conference. ASU Morrison Institute for Public Policy's annual signature event will be at the Phoenix Airport Marriott, 1101 N. 44th St., in Phoenix, from 10 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. Registration and details: MorrisonInstitute.asu.edu
The theme of this year's conference is "Arizona's Voter Crisis," which also is the name of a recent report by Morrison Institute regarding low voter turnout, especially when all eligible voters are counted in the equation. A presentation of the report's findings will be featured at conference, which will include opening remark by Arizona State University President Michael M. Crow.

"Voting is certainly a key ingredient of the proven recipe for a healthy democracy," said Andrea Whitsett, director of Morrison Institute. "But prior to casting a ballot, the electorate must first be engaged and then educated about the candidates and issues. And then the candidates elected must represent the views, needs and wants of the citizenry. The question is whether all those ingredients are coalescing as intended or just coming out in disparate bits and incomplete pieces."

Two panel discussions will feature local and national experts addressing the 2016 Election and what the results may mean going forward. Panelists, presenters and moderators include:

• Garrett Archer, senior analyst for elections, Arizona Secretary of State's Office
• Betsey Bayless, chair of Morrison Institute Advisory Board, former Secretary of State
• David Byler, chief elections analyst and staff writer, The Weekly Standard
• Tom Collins, executive director, Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission
• Elvia Diaz, columnist, The Arizona Republic
• Grady Gammage Jr., senior research fellow, Morrison Institute
• Joseph Garcia, director, Latino Public Policy Center at Morrison Institute
• Neil Giuliano, president & CEO, Greater Phoenix Leadership
• Jonathan Koppell, dean, ASU Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions
• Janice Palmer, vice president and director of policy, Helios Education Foundation
• Jim Rounds, president, Rounds Consulting Group, and senior fellow at Goldwater Institute
• Jacqueline Salit, president of Independent Voting
• Eugene Scott, political reporter, The Washington Post
• Anna Tovar, mayor of Tolleson and former state legislator
• Lisa Urias, executive board member at Morrison Institute, and managing partner, CoNecs North America

In addition to the presentation and panel discussions, Lattie F. Coor will be honored with the Sue Clark-Johnson Leadership Award. Coor, former president of Arizona State University and founding director/board chairman of the Center for the Future of Arizona, will be recognized at a luncheon ceremony as part of the conference.