Courier: 2015 water issues top AZ agenda

Monday, January 12, 2015

A Dec. 27 column in The Daily Courier by Chris Hoy, president of the Citizen's Water Advocacy Group, noted the importance of water policy in Arizona. Although it incorrectly stated that Senator Jon Kyl was appointed to direct the Kyl Center for Water Policy, in fact Sarah Porter has been named as inaugural director. But the column was correct in pointing out more attention is being directed toward Arizona's water issues in 2015.

Hoy wrote:

Media coverage of water issues in the Western states has suddenly become thorough, detailed and persistent. The message: although the water problems facing the West are daunting, much can be done if decision-makers agree to make water planning a top priority in 2015.

Here is an example of how much momentum is building toward creating new and improved water policy in Arizona: the Morrison institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University recently announced that, supported by a $1M gift from the Morrison family, former U.S. Senator Jon Kyl has ... direct activities at the Kyl Center for Water Policy. Newly elected Governor Doug Ducey has said he will work closely with Kyl on water planning.


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