AZ I See It: The uncertain future of water

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A viewpoint in the Arizona Republic opens a conversation on water toward the excess of demand, rather than a shortage of supply. Behaviors must change.

Arizonans should not bypass this fleeting opportunity to think hard about what we value. For instance, we need to have a thoughtful discussion about the future of farms in our state. A report from Arizona State University's Morrison Institute for Public Policy stated that agriculture in the Sun Corridor has existed in recent years "as a kind of holding zone—something to be done with land until it is urbanized."

We should not ask farmers and rural communities with strong ties to the land to fallow crops or make do with less water, without also taking a hard look at the way urban dwellers make use of water supplies. In the end, urban and rural communities will have to form strong partnerships to find solutions.

Being focused on finding new water sources allows us continue "business-as-usual." With a brief period of grace, Arizonans should think hard on shaping our future, together.

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