ASU Now: Visiting author quenches water needs

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Arizona State University’s Future H2O, Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute, and the Decision Center for a Desert City sponsored a lecture by John Fleck, director of the water resources program at the University of New Mexico, on the myths of water usage and management.

The lecture, titled “How Much Water Does Arizona Need?,” is part of an ongoing conversation at ASU, where researchers from a range of disciplines study every facet of the faucet, from science and conservation to law and policy.

So how much water does Arizona need? “I don’t know,” Fleck said. “Probably less than you think you need.”

According to Fleck, per capita consumption is declining in Western cities. “Economists call this ‘decoupling,’” he said. “This is especially true in Arizona.”

Technology and the flexibility in learning to live with drought conditions, has quietly disrupted the apocalyptic nature of water reporting, the author and journalist said.

Fleck, who has covered water for about 30 years, recently published "Water is for Fighting Over: and Other Myths about Water in the West."

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John Fleck at Changing Hands Bookstore, Phoenix