AMWUA: Words matter when it comes to water recycling

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Arizona Municipal Water Users Association published an editorial by Kathleen Ferris that included a glossary of terms we should use when it comes to recycling water.

A phrase “toilet to tap” has appeared in a recent spate of stories about cleaning and recycling wastewater. While the catchy phrase is irresistible to headline writers, it is not popular with city water managers.

(W)ords matter to water pros. They know that the science is well established, but they are trying to assure lawmakers and consumers that the water is safe for their families.

Kathleen Ferris is executive Director of AMWUA and a Senior Research Fellow at Morrison Institute for Public Policy. For 45 years, AMWUA has worked to protect our member cities’ ability to provide assured, safe and sustainable water supplies to their communities. For more water information visit

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