Republic: DCS, Morrison partnership holds great promise for neglected kids

Excerpt from The Arizona Republic editorial on Dec. 18, 2016:

The partnership between the Arizona Department of Child Safety and the Morrison Institute (for Public Policy) has great potential to put a needed focus on helping families so that children can remain in their homes.

The fact that our state has about 18,000 children in foster care is a heartbreaking testament to the need for effective prevention programs. These are not all cases that involved brutal or life-threatening abuse.

Neglect accounts for about 70 percent of reports to the DCS hotline, and neglect is a factor in removing a child from his or her home in nearly 80 percent of cases, according to DCS and Morrison.

That means many of those children might have remained with their families if smart, timely help had been provided.

It’s called prevention. It has not gotten much more than lip service in Arizona.

The innovative partnership between DCS and Morrison could provide the hard data to change that.

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