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Liza is a research analyst with the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU, a leading resource for relevant research and informed policy choices of public value. Policy research topics have included affordable housing, community health, and public safety. She is also a Global Health PhD candidate researching the health and social effects of simultaneous extreme heat and large-scale power outage in the Southwest.


Liza C. Kurtz is a PhD candidate in Global Health in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change. She received her M.A. in Global Health from Arizona State University in 2015 and her B.S. in Sociology from Austin Peay State University in 2011. 

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Research Interests

Emergency management, disaster mangement, housing, public safety, electrical grid failure, extreme heat, extreme weather.


Watkins, L. E., Wright, M. K., Kurtz, L. C., Chakalian, P. M., Mallen, E. S., Harlan, S. L., & Hondula, D. M. (2021). Extreme heat vulnerability in Phoenix, Arizona: A comparison of all-hazard and hazard-specific indices with household experiences. Applied Geography131, 102430.

Wright, M. K., Hondula, D. M., Chakalian, P. M., Kurtz, L. C., Watkins, L., Gronlund, C. J., ... & Harlan, S. L. (2020). Social and behavioral determinants of indoor temperatures in air-conditioned homes. Building and Environment183, 107187.

Chakalian, P. M., Kurtz, L., Harlan, S. L., White, D., Gronlund, C. J., & Hondula, D. M. (2019). Exploring the social, psychological, and behavioral mechanisms of heat vulnerability in the city of Phoenix, AZ. Journal of Extreme Events6(03n04), 2050006.

Chakalian, P. M., Kurtz, L. C., & Hondula, D. M. (2019). After the lights go out: Household resilience to electrical grid failure following Hurricane Irma. Natural Hazards Review20(4), 05019001.

Bolin, B., & Kurtz, L. C. (2018). Race, class, ethnicity, and disaster vulnerability. In H. Rodriguez, W. Donner, J. Trainor (Eds.), Handbook of Disaster Research (2nd ed.), pp. 181-203, Springer.

Kurtz, L. C., Trainer, S., Beresford, M., Wutich, A., & Brewis, A. (2017). Blogs as elusive ethnographic texts: Methodological and ethical challenges in qualitative online research. International Journal of Qualitative Methods16(1), 1609406917705796.

Gerbrandt, R. & Kurtz, L.C. (2015). Keeping up appearances: Working class feminists speak up about the success model in academia. In D. King and C.G. Valentine (Eds.), Letting go: Feminist and social justice insight and activism (pp. 161 - 172), Vanderbilt University Press. 


Fall 2017
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ASB 191First-Year Seminar