Arizona, we need a deeper understanding

Last November 18th, after two full days of discussion and deliberation, the Arizona Town Hall participants voted on their recommendations for the sixth statewide Town Hall on water. But the end of the official 107th Town Hall marked a beginning of a statewide discussions on Arizona’s water future. In recent weeks, Kyl Center Director Sarah Porter has participated in several Community Town Hall events held by Arizona Town Hall throughout the state. In these ninety minute meetings, community members have a chance to discuss the Town Hall report and come up with their own consensus-based recommendations to be shared with Arizona’s policy-makers.

Water challenges often have a very local character, but the consensus statements coming out of the first eight Community Town Halls share a common theme: Arizonans need a deeper understanding and awareness of their water supplies—where our water comes from, what it is used for and its special significance in our arid state.

Interested in learning more about Arizona’s water history, policies and supply? Start with the Water Town Hall Background Report, which was developed by Kyl Center for Water Policy along with water experts from University of Arizona’s Water Resources Research Center and Northern Arizona University’s School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability.