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Capitol Times: Meet the CAWCD candidates

October 2018

Arizona Capitol Times reported that candidates for the Central Arizona Water Conservation District board aren’t likely to be the subject of many headlines. They are, however, going to be responsible for ensuring 1.5 million acre-feet of water from the Colorado River gets to central Arizona.

Capitol Times: Watching the water line

October 2018

Arizona Capitol Times reported that if Lake Mead’s levels dip too low, Arizona could lose about a seventh of its annual water allotment to the Central Arizona Project, which supplies much of the state’s water. Water experts said that could lead to farmers and homeowners paying higher water rates and prioritize Arizona behind neighboring states in CAP water availability.

Republic: Drought contingency plan faces hurdles

October 2018

The Arizona Republic reported that with a deadline approaching for Arizona to finish a deal that would divvy up Colorado River water deliveries, negotiations are proving difficult with points of disagreement over how the cuts should be spread around.

The state’s top water managers canceled a Thursday meeting saying in a statement that they wanted to “give time for additional discussions and analysis related to the four essential elements involved in this process.”

AP: Arizona water rights trial underway

October 2018

The Associated Press reported that a trial over water rights is underway in one of the longest-running court cases in Arizona history that will determine who has rights to water from the Little Colorado River basin. The claims number in the thousands and likely exceed the water available.

3TV/CBS5: Gov. Ducey appoints Kyl to AZ Senate

September 2018

KTVK/KPHO News Phoenix reported that Gov. Doug Ducey announced the appointment of former Sen. Jon Kyl to fill the Senate seat for the late Sen. John McCain who died Aug. 25 after battling an aggressive form of brain cancer.

“There is no one in Arizona more prepared to represent our state in the U.S. Senate than Jon Kyl. He understands how the Senate functions, and will make an immediate and positive impact benefiting all Arizonans," Ducey said. "He's an expert on the matters facing Arizona: water, land use and issues facing our Native American communities."

Yale: Water management strategies key to Southwest's resilience

August 2018

Yale's Climate Connections reported that in the arid Southwest, residents are surviving drought by relying on each other.

Questions of who gets to use water, how often, and when are complicated. Sarah Porter, director of the Kyl Center for Water Policy at Arizona State University's Morrison Institute says it all dates back to when settlers arrived in the arid region and started to parse out water rights.

A river runs through our pipes

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Susan Craig

CBN: Water interests of concern for builders, developers

August 2018

Chamber Business News reported that Arizona home builders in the populous center of the state are worried that emerging water wars threaten the development of the Sun Corridor, the megaregion between Phoenix and Tucson.

As water interests across the state race to negotiate how to mitigate shortages, keeping development strong in Arizona will be one of their biggest challenges.

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