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Daily Star: Arizona still facing teacher shortages

August 2018

The Arizona Daily Star reported that with more than a week into the new school year, students at a school specializing in science, technology, engineering and math still don’t have enough qualified teachers. Instead, students are saddled with long-term substitutes who aren’t required to have any training in STEM education.

Sun: Arizona Town Hall to tackle education funding

October 2017

The Yuma Sun reported that education, business and community leaders came together at the South West Arizona Town Hall in Yuma on October 5 to brainstorm ways to seek new funding streams for education in Arizona. While the education funding picture in Arizona might be bleak now, it wasn’t always that way, state education leaders said.

Report: AZ in crisis over teacher pay, retention

April 2017

Arizona teacher recruitment, retention and pay are at crisis levels with more teachers leaving the profession annually than bachelor of education degrees produced by the three universities, compounded by an exodus of instructors for reasons ranging from retirement to poor salaries.

Those are just some of the data points and facts in the upcoming Morrison Institute for Public Policy report, Finding & Keeping Educators for Arizona’s Classrooms. The study’s top facts are being released today in a two-page brief, with the full report to be released in May.

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