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BizTucson: AZ Sun Corridor a backbone for prosperity

July 2015

BizTucson Magazine looks at the Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy report, “Sun Corridor,” what the reporter calls a bold vision stretching from Nogales to Prescott and beyond that would make the region one of the most economically potent in the country.

According to the Morrison Institute, population in the Sun Corridor is expected to grow by 60 percent between 2010 and 2040 to 9.1 million.

How Big is the Sun Corridor?

Monday, March 30, 2015

The concept of the Sun Corridor megapolitan, the economic heart or Arizona encompassing metro Phoenix, Tucson, and surrounding areas, has been accepted for some time now. It’s hard to deny the connections that bind the region as thousands travel back and forth on I-10 every day to attend to business in one of the state’s two biggest cities.

Dan Hunting

ASU Magazine: Researchers assist city planning

December 2014

The December issue of ASU Magazine features experts in fields ranging from engineering to public policy discussing the responsibilities of city planning.

Grady Gammage Jr., a senior research fellow at the ASU Morrison Institute for Public Policy, has for years been studying Arizona’s “Sun Corridor,” which runs between Tucson to north of the Phoenix metroplex. Gammage is under contract to write a book about Phoenix as an exemplar of the “new American city.”

Horizon TV: Hunting discusses Sun Corridor report

June 2014

Horizon, Channel 8

Host: Ted Simons

The Sun Corridor is the region of Arizona made up of Phoenix, Tucson and areas north and south of the two major cities. Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy has released a new report about making the area more competitive globally and with other states. Dan Hunting, Senior Policy Analyst at Morrison Institute and one of the report’s authors, will discuss his findings.

Sun Corridor: A Competitive Mindset

Product Image
Reports and Publications
June 2014
Grady Gammage Jr., Dan Hunting

Sun Corridor: A Competitive Mindset builds upon the 2008 Megapolitan report by looking at present and future prospects for the Sun Corridor, the economic heart of Arizona stretching along Interstate 10 from Phoenix to Tucson, down Interstate 19 to the Mexican border.

VIDEO: Horizon TV: Arizona's Sun Corridor

VIDEO: Sun Corridor roundtable discussion at Prescott Valley

Watering the Sun Corridor: Managing Arizona's Megapolitan Area

Product Image
Reports and Publications
August 2011
Grady Gammage Jr, Monica Stigler, Susan Clark-Johnson, William Hart

Do we have ample supply for Arizona's needs today and tomorrow?Are we in a current water crisis? And, if so, what's being done and what should be done? These questions and more are considered in this Morrison Institute for Public Policy report examining water use, supply and future demand for Arizona's Sun Corridor - the Central Arizona Urban Region that includes Phoenix and Tucson. The chief author of the report is Senior Research Fellow Grady Gammage, Jr.

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