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New Yorker: The disappearing river

July 2015

A recent story in the New Yorker detailing the current water crisis effecting Lake Mead features Morrison Institute for Public Policy Senior Research Fellow Grady Gammage Jr. speaking about the Central Arizona Project (CAP), the largest and most expensive aqueduct system in the country.

CAP, a three-hundred-and-thirty-six-mile-long system of canals, tunnels, and pumping plants which extends to Tucson, wasn’t completed until 1993. It took Arizona a long time to work out water-related disagreements with California.

Daily Star: Continuing our water conversations

March 2015

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake contributed a column to the Arizona Daily Star with details of his yearlong conversations regarding water policy as communities throughout the West confront drought and competition for water resources. In the face of such challenges, Arizonans have benefited from past leaders who shaped a forward-looking water policy that has enabled continued growth.

Republic: In AZ, every drop of water counts

March 2015

An editorial in the Arizona Republic reminds Arizonans that we can save water by embracing a desert lifestyle, exchanging traditional green grass for more native vegitation.

You're going to hear a lot more from us on this issue, too. On April 1, The Arizona Republic, in conjunction with the Arizona Community Foundation and the Morrison Institute for Public Policy, will award a $100,000 prize for the best digital strategy to raise Arizonans' awareness of water issues.

KJZZ: Morrison Institute Director Thom Reilly

March 2015

Morrison Institute Director Thom Reilly was a guest on KJZZ's Here and Now, Wednesday, March 4. He spoke about the mission of Morrison Institute, as a think tank, taking the most important policy issues and package them in a way the average citizen can understand and engage in conversation.

The Morrison Institute for Public Policy at ASU isn’t new. But when you consider Morrison has a new water policy center and a new quarterly public poll, it may seem that way.

Cronkite News: Reviewing water-desalination

February 2015

Cronkite News reports that Rep. Steve Montenegro proposed legislation to review Arizona history and look for opportuities for water desalination. HB 2445 won a unanimous endorsement Feb. 5 from the House Agriculture, Water and Lands Committee.

Colorado River's impact deserves accurate portrayal

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A lot of buzz has been generated by a new report from ASU’s Seidman Research Institute that attempts to quantify the economic impact of the Colorado River. Seidman’s researchers have created a model that says the river contributes a staggering $1.4 trillion to the economy of seven states along the river, including $185 billion and 2.1 million jobs in Arizona.

Dan Hunting

Courier: 2015 water issues top AZ agenda

January 2015

A Dec. 27 column in The Daily Courier by Chris Hoy, president of the Citizen's Water Advocacy Group, noted the importance of water policy in Arizona. Although it incorrectly stated that Senator Jon Kyl was appointed to direct the Kyl Center for Water Policy, in fact Sarah Porter has been named as inaugural director. But the column was correct in pointing out more attention is being directed toward Arizona's water issues in 2015.

Hoy wrote:

Porter named director of Kyl Center for Water Policy

January 2015

PHOENIX – Following a national search, natural resource  expert and Audubon leader Sarah Porter has been named the inaugural director of the new Kyl Center for Water Policy at Morrison Institute.

“I am so excited to join the new center and help it succeed in finding collaborative solutions to address our state’s water challenges,” said Porter, who had been with the Audubon Arizona since 2006, including as executive director since 2010.

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