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Gammage: Suburbs likely here to stay

January 2017

Morrison Institute Senior Research Fellow Grady Gammage Jr. was among the experts in economics, housing and social trends offer their opinions in a Cleveland Plain Dealer article about future living environments:

One of the sanest looks at our suburbs is found in The Future of the Suburban City: Lessons from Sustaining Phoenix by Grady Gammage Jr., (Island Press). Gammage first offers a practical viewpoint:

Latino education gap an ignored 'crisis' in AZ

January 2015

Arizona Sonora News, a service from the School of Journalism at the University of Arizona, reported there will be economic consequences due to the fact that Hispanic students are almost twice as likely to drop out  of high school as their peers.

“I’m not using this word lightly – I think it’s a crisis,” said Joseph Garcia, director of ASU’s Latino Public Policy Center. “It’s somewhat of a silent crisis. Not that we don’t know about it, it’s just that we have not responded to it.”

$100,000 prize awaits winner of water challenge

October 2014

The Arizona Community Foundation, Republic Media and Morrison Institute for Public Policy put our heads together to come up with the next big idea for Arizona water, and here's what we came up with: How about we open it up to the great minds out there instead?

Gammage: Not a water czar, but cares about water

August 2014

Morrison Institute Senior Research Fellow Grady Gammage Jr. responded to recent criticism from an Arizona Republic guest column that no, he is not the state's self-appointed "water czar."

Horizon TV: Hunting discusses Sun Corridor report

June 2014

Horizon, Channel 8

Host: Ted Simons

The Sun Corridor is the region of Arizona made up of Phoenix, Tucson and areas north and south of the two major cities. Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy has released a new report about making the area more competitive globally and with other states. Dan Hunting, Senior Policy Analyst at Morrison Institute and one of the report’s authors, will discuss his findings.

Sun Corridor: A Competitive Mindset

Product Image
Reports and Publications
June 2014
Grady Gammage Jr., Dan Hunting

Sun Corridor: A Competitive Mindset builds upon the 2008 Megapolitan report by looking at present and future prospects for the Sun Corridor, the economic heart of Arizona stretching along Interstate 10 from Phoenix to Tucson, down Interstate 19 to the Mexican border.

VIDEO: Horizon TV: Arizona's Sun Corridor

VIDEO: Sun Corridor roundtable discussion at Prescott Valley

New Era of Arizona Water Challenges

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Reports and Publications
May 2014
M. Byron Lewis

Arizona is now entering a new era of water challenges prompted by the need to consider, confront, and find solutions to predicted water supply, and demand imbalances in the future.  This paper by water attorney M. Byron Lewis discusses studies predicting water supply limitations, possible sources of augmentation of Arizona’s water supply discussed in those studies, and significant legal and political challenges to overcome in finding solutions to supply and demand imbalances.

Hunting: AZ should face up to its water future

April 2014

Cronkite News Service reports that more and more Arizona leaders and experts are saying Arizona needs to develop a long-term policy to ensure adequate water supply for Arizona's future:

A 2011 report by Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy said policymakers have avoided the topic because they fear it could create perceptions that could hinder growth.

Dan Hunting, a senior policy analyst at the institute, said a shortage shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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