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Nogalas: Teachers deserve recognition and thanks

August 2017

In an editorial in the Nogalas International, Jonathan Clark congratulated the 21 nominees who were recognized at the 2017 Santa Cruz County Teacher of the Year ceremony.

“Teaching is a vitally important but increasingly challenging profession, especially true in Arizona,” Clark wrote.

Used cars and teachers: Sometimes markets work in unexpected ways

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Are new teachers like used cars? Maybe a little bit.

Dan Hunting

Horizon: Priorities in AZ education

May 2017

Dana Wolfe Naimark, president and CEO of the Children’s Action Alliance, was a guest on Arizona Horizon Wednesday, talking about how children fared in the 2017 legislative session.

“I’m not very happy at all with how children were treated,” said Naimark in regards to the state budget sessions, as “real fundamentals were damaged.

“Not only did we make no dent in our teacher shortage crisis, we made no dent in our 1.1 billion dollar deficit we have every year for schools and haven’t restored since the great recession,” she said.

New Times: Gauging the extent of the teacher crisis

May 2017

Phoenix New Times reported that as budgets and bills wend their way toward completion, Arizona’s teachers revisit the question of what the state’s lawmakers will do for/to the state of education.

Arizona’s teacher shortage has been well documented down the years. This year, politicians have gone a few rounds sparring over teacher pay, relaxing hiring standards and the cost of administrative overhead.

Public Media: Major themes that make teacher retention difficult

May 2017

Arizona Public Media reported that while Arizona comes in last in pay for elementary teachers and 49th for high school teachers, it's not the only factor in what many call a teacher shortage crisis.

A report from Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University identified other major themes making retention difficult: Expanding workloads; a lack of support for teachers in their first years from colleagues, administrators and the community; and a lack of "passion" to maintain a commitment to the profession.

Courier: Educators spend half of income on rent

May 2017

The Eastern Arizona Courier reported education in Arizona continues to be a hot-button topic this week, as a report from Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy announced that pay and retention levels for newly recruited teachers was “at crisis levels.”

The flood of educators leaving the state has exceeded the number of Bachelor of Education degrees being issued by the state’s three universities in a year.

Daily Sun: Arizona’s leadership must commit to solutions

May 2017

An Arizona Daily Sun editorial reasoned that when so many financial indicators place the Arizona public school system at or near the bottom of the 50 states, and when teachers are leaving at a record rate, there’s a connection between the two.

The challenge is getting elected officials to acknowledge the depth of the problem and commit to solutions that match the gravity of the situation.

West Valley: Teacher retention need remains great

May 2017

Your West Valley News reported that according to a new study from Arizona State University, Arizona teacher recruitment, retention and pay are at crisis levels, and in the Peoria Unified School District, it is not as critical, but the need remains great. Currently, PUSD has 121 teacher openings.

Teachers are leaving the profession for many reasons — retirement, disillusionment, low pay and a feeling of lack of support. Nearly 80 percent of urban school district administrators said hiring teachers is somewhat or extremely difficult, according to the study.

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