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Republic: AZ Rep wants 5-year teacher study

June 2017

In an editorial in The Arizona Republic, Laurie Roberts noted that Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem wants to spend five years studying why teachers are leaving, even if a recent study already gave us the answers.

“‘Nobody has empirical data,' he says.

“He wants to conduct a Great Place to Work employee survey, the one used in the private-sector to measure a company’s culture.

Daily Star: Ruling party gets its way

May 2017

An editorial in the Arizona Daily Star noted that the legislative session began with signs of a more collaborative way of doing business at the Capitol, but when it came down to the rough dealing in the last weeks of the session on the issue that mattered most — K-12 education and teacher pay — the the ruling party got its way.

The resulting budget features marginally improved funding for education and teachers specifically, rather than a big boost to teachers.

Horizon: Arizona teacher crisis

May 2017

Arizona is facing a teacher shortage, with recruitment of new teachers, retention of old ones and teacher pay at crisis levels. Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy has a new report out on the issue. Dan Hunting, Morrison Institute senior policy analyst, spoke with Arizona Horizon’s Ted Simons about “Finding & Keeping Educators for Arizona’s Classrooms."

Governor discusses low teacher pay noted in Morrison Institute report

May 2017

Channel 8 Arizona Horizon host Ted Simons interviewed Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on Tuesday about legislative issues, including the budget and education funding. The Governor called the legislative session "a win for education with an education-focused budget.”

“There’s still more to do,” Governor Ducey said. “We will see more effort on education as we go forward, we’re not going to stop here.”

Roundup: Voices call for education fund settlement

September 2015

In an interview with the Payson Roundup, Payson Superintendent Greg Wyman said he hopes the legislative leadership listens to the growing public demand to resolve the lawsuit issue for public education that started when voters passed a measure requiring the state to keep up with inflation when funding schools. To balance the budget, the state sidestepped the measure and has ignored a court order requiring them to restore funding.

AZ I See It: Cuts jeopardize CTE programs, AZ economy

August 2015

A Morrison Institute for Public Policy report was cited in an Arizona Republic opinion piece by Steven G. Zylstra, president & CEO of the Arizona Technology Council, who noted that there is the irrefutable fact that Career and Technical Education programs provide businesses with skilled workers and return a far greater number of dollars to the state’s economy than those invested.

KJZZ: Mapping legislative districts for 2020

August 2015

Dan Hunting, senior policy analyst at ASU’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy, was a guest on KJZZ to discuss the viewpoints presented in The Arizona Republic that more focus needs to be put on legislative districts when maps for the 2020 elections are put together.

Opportunity now key for AZ legislative districts

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Arizona Republic: AZ I See It

Viewpoint by Dan Hunting, senior policy analyst, Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University

With the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision permitting continuation of the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, it is already time to start thinking about the 2020 redistricting process.

Dan Hunting
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