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Juvenile Justice

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Adults never tire of lamenting the behavior of the younger generation. “What’s wrong with these kids?” we ask. But the question facing Arizona today – while equally baffling – is more like “What’s right with these kids?”
That’s because teenagers here and elsewhere in the country have been turning away from crime in remarkable numbers, according to federal and state-level data. And nobody’s sure why.

Bill Hart

Juvenile Justice in Arizona

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Reports and Publications
January 2016
Bill Hart

In partnership with the Children’s Action Alliance, Morrison Institute recently completed an 18-page research report on the negative effects of the incarceration of delinquent youths in Arizona, and the benefits of locally–based services in the youths’ home communities.

KJZZ: Report Discusses Juvenile Justice, Policies

January 2016

Bill Hart of Morrison Institute at Arizona State University was a guest on KJZZ along with Beth Rosenberg, director of child welfare and juvenile justice at Children’s Action Alliance, speaking about the report "Juvenile Justice in Arizona: The Fiscal Foundations of Effective Policy.

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